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Michael BunkinMichael.Bunkin

a professional problem-solver


  • Custom development

    Desktop, Web, or Hybrid applications, High Performance servers, Mobile apps. From shell scripts to distributed integrated solutions. Focus on performance and security. Agile development workflow, optimised costs.

  • Architecture and database design

    Assistance in choosing the right tool for the job, optimal database structure, third party components integration with a custom middle layer design. Balancing technology requirements with business priorities.

  • Secure and fast hosting

    High performance, fully managed hosting service for resource-demanding solutions (Wordpress, Magento) or custom applications (Node.js, Java, Perl).

  • Server setup and maintenance

    Secure virtual or dedicated server configuration for hosting or custom applications. Web, mail, VOIP, database software, memory caching, cloud backup, hacking protection, hardware monitoring, custom automation scripts.

  • Consulting and tutoring

    Get simple answers to complicated questions, find the best solution to your problem, learn more about the information technologies from an industry veteran in programming, SEO, security and server administration.

  • Translation and copywriting

    English to Russian translations with focus on quality and precise idiomatic interpretation. Experience includes industrial web content, song lyrics, and motion picture subtitles. Journalist background, professional copywriting skills.

  • Audio engineering

    Audio/video synchronisation, sound editing, music production.


20+ years of professional experience on Windows, Unix and Web in projects ranging from multi-threaded asynchronous application servers to cross-platform mobile apps, from Database design to Assembly level optimisation, from client-side dynamic UI/UX to custom e-commerce engines. Mostly working with American and European businesses as a freelance or in-house developer, manager and consultant. Wide range of practical expertise in computing technologies.

  • Director of Application Development and Systems Integration

    VistaBPO (USA) Jan 2016 – Present

    System design and architecture, software development and integration.

  • Lead Software Engineer

    Vista Health Solutions (USA) Mar 2012 – Present

    Web development, system architecture, integration, development, administration and design.

  • Web Technology Consultant

    Odez Designs (USA) 2009 – Present

    UI, platform compatibility, optimisation, custom e-commerce development, server maintenance.

  • Software developer / Consultant

    Convekta, Ltd (Russia) Feb 2012 – Feb 2013

    Software development and architecture, database design, optimisation and high performance servers (Windows platform).

  • Lead Programmer

    Rossul Design (Canada) Jul 2010 – Jul 2011

    UI development, web programming and database design.

  • Software developer

    Insanely Great Software (Australia) 2010 – 2012

    Web sites, Windows desktop applications.

  • Consultant / Tutor

    LivePerson platform (Int'l) Jun 2009 – Dec 2010

    Online consulting and tutoring in various areas of IT, programming, SEO and server administration. Rated 5 stars in all reviews.

  • Lead Developer / Architect

    Auramedia (Russia) Feb 1999 – Jun 2009

    Database design and development, system architecture and UI on both Web and Windows.

  • Software Engineer

    Mosautotrans CC (Russia) 1996 – 2008

    Software and web development, database design, GPS systems. System architecture and project management. Participation in government projects.

  • Lead Developer / Project manager

    ABC4PC (USA) 2004 – 2006

    Database design, web programming, system architecture, project management.

  • Lead Developer / Architect

    Optimizer GmbH (Switzerland) Feb 2002 – Dec 2003

    Web and Windows development, UI, e-commerce, cryptography.

  • Scientific Editor

    Union Publisher (Russia) 1997 – 2000

    Software and hardware reviews, computer technology related articles.


  • C, C++ (ANSI, GNU, Microsoft). STL, threads (Windows, POSIX and Solaris), network (TCP/IP, UDP, RPC), events (uv, IOCP), Windows API, COM/DCOM/ActiveX, daemons. Using C since 2000, C++ since 2002. Last used: 2017.

  • PHP. Web and server-side development. OOP, databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL), multi-process (fork), custom extensions in C/C++. Proprietary engines and frameworks. Using since 1999. Last used: 2017.

  • Object Pascal (Borland Delphi 4.0 - XE2, Lazarus). Database components, GUI, TCP/IP, Websockets, assembly (32-/64-bit), IOCP, Web browser integration. Using since 2000. Last project: 2016.

  • SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, SQLite, etc). Optimisation, triggers, stored procedures and functions. Limited experience with Borland TSQL, Oracle, Sybase and FoxPro SQL dialect. Using MySQL since 1999, PostgreSQL since 2001. Last project with PostgreSQL in 2016, MySQL (MariaDB) in 2017.

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript (pure DOM, jQuery/Zepto, AngularJS, Cordova/PhoneGap). Using since 1997. Web development, mobile and cross-platform apps, UI/UX design, HTML integration in desktop and mobile applications.

  • Assembly (MASM32, NASM). Low level programming in Assembly language, including Windows API, dynamic libraries, and COM/ActiveX (in Windows MASM32). Integrated assembly in Delphi, linked NASM in Unix. Used since 1996, last project (NASM) in 2015.

  • Also: Node.js, XML, XSL, XSD, DTD, Perl, RegEx, Lua, HAXE (w/ActionScript), FoxPro, FoxBase, Pascal, Assembly, Basic (DOS, Visual, VBA, .NET), Objective C, C/CLI, Java, Swift, Bash.

Server administration

  • CentOS mainly, Debian to a lesser extent, also limited experience with RHEL, OpenSUSE, Solaris, FreeBSD.

  • Nginx, MariaDB, PostreSQL, djbdns, postfix, iptables, gnupg, redis, memcached, sphinx, uwcgi, rsync, and quite a few more scary words.

  • Bash and Perl scripting. Security, performance tuning, backup (Amazon S3/rsync).


  • Audio engineering (Audition, Cubase, iZotope), translation (English, Russian), graphics processing/design (Photoshop, Sketch), logo design, tutoring, copywriting.


Being blessed with so many wonderful clients throughout the years, their feedback brings back quite a few memories.


  • “Five stars right across the board. Fast, clean code that's clear to understand and all at a really great price.”

    LivePerson customer

  • “His advise enlights me things I had in doubt, which I wouldn't find by googling or reading the book! +Very quick response”


  • “I'm a highly satisfied client. He delivers works as expected, really professional, helpful, tolerable and quick. He is really an expert in his field so I give 5 stars and A+”


  • “Thank you very much for your help and soon replies to my questions Michael. I found you to be very helpful and I look forward to contacting you if I need more help with my PayPal account. Sincerely, Alex.”


  • “Excellent work, definitely knows his stuff. My needs were for modifications to a websites php files to add extra features and Michael had no problems achieving what I wanted very quickly. I'll definitely be using him again.”

    LivePerson customer

  • “He pointed out the part that I misuse & overlook in the code. I totally learn from his expertise.”

    LivePerson customer

  • “Excellent fast and efficient work and priced very reasonably. Definitely an expert in his field. I’ll be back!”


  • “Great communications & development. Had the work done in less than 24hours. Even took the time to document his work, will definitely work with in the future. A*”


  • “The guidance and suggestions that I receive from Michael have always been clear and correct. He is always prompt with replies to my questions and keeps the information at a level that I can understand. I would recommend Michael highly to anyone that needs help at any level.”


  • “Michael completes the assignment before the due date. i am 100% satisfied with his work.”



  • Born in 1981 to a family of software engineers.

  • Grew up playing with punch-cards and 8" floppy disks.

  • Wrote his first piece of code at the age of 9.

  • Published his first article at 13.

  • Got the first programming job commissioned at 15.

  • Won award for his first web site at 16.

  • Has never worked in the office (and has no plans to).

  • Enjoys computer games (but rubbish at most of them).

  • Can play the guitar, the piano, and the triangle.

  • Thinks he can sing.